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Emerius was born to solve common issues. To reach this aim it is necessary, first of all, to correctly focus on them and to proceed with the planning of the solution process; the projects are then applied and monitored so that to be fine-tuned according to the feedback received.

Our projects face social problems on the basis of targeted and forefront research, with attention to the specific needs of the population interested in the application of our projects, making use of advanced technologies and cooperative groups; such groups are formed with and managed by the same beneficiaries of the projects according to a concentric-rings methodology devised and developed by our departments.

To reach this aim a widespred, continuative, and participative involvement by the community is needed. This means that it is necessary a deep change of the population as to the way to approach the public sector, based on an innovative and integrated Policy Planning system. Furthermore, it takes an apposite tool that enables to balance the necessity of a real participation with that of keeping into account the diverse conditions of the various individuals such as culture, age, commitments, availability, and attitudes, as well as the different social relations; to conceive it, it is imperative a multidisciplinary approach which engages all of the social sciences with the aid of the suitable mathematic, technology, and computer science tools. At Emerius we have therefore realised a self-education software, based on the new concentric-organization model in small groups developed by us, named Yoosphera: intuitive, of simple use, on one hand it facilitates and relaunch the kind of social aggregation of which nowadays we lack and, on the other hand, it provides the means to learn, appreciate and share the management of the res publica.

Yoosphera is a virtual environment yet made up of real knowledge, information and relations. It is a sphere populated by the people who interact through new methodologies with the common intent of utilising, in an appropriate and conscious way, all of the natural resources, hence also the human ones. As the software tool, though realised with an intuitive interface, implies the adequate hardware support and a fast Internet connection, as well as the skills to use them, the overall Yoosphera system provides for appropriate devices so that no community member is marginalised; in fact, Yoosphera improves everyone’s integration level.

To learn the way to use the tools necessary to improve our quality of life we need new concepts of teaching and learning, stemming from the new exigencies of our society, which more and more forces the adults to work in constantly new situations and to change job. That is why the concept of “permanent training”, which by now represents both a necessity and a standard in the whole industrialised world. As a Research Institute on Social Sciences, Emerius studies new models able to rapidly adapt themselves to such fast changes not only with respect to the activities of production and work, yet also in relation to the mutable conditions of the socio-cultural environment. In fact, such an environment affects all of our activities, hence the permanent training can not be limited to mere professional updates that, alone, do not guarantee a high level of a person’s quality of life. An adequate permanent training must therefore be multidisciplinary and, to result sufficiently exhaustive, needs the collaboration in groups of people capable of operating in an effective and efficient way.

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