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About Lifelong LearningThe modern concepts of teaching and learning stem from the new exigencies of our society, which more and more forces the adults to work in constantly new situations and to change job.

That is why the concept of “permanent training”, which by now represents both a necessity and a standard in the whole industrialised world.

As a Research Institute on Social Sciences, Emerius studies, develop, and realise new models able to rapidly adapt themselves to such fast changes not only with respect to the activities of production and work, yet also in relation to  the mutable conditions of the sociocultural environment.

In fact, such an environment affects all of our activities, hence the permanent training can not be limited to mere professional updates that, alone, do not guarantee a high level of a person’s quality of life.

An adequate permanent training must therefore be multidisciplinary and, to result sufficiently exhaustive, needs the collaboration in groups of people capable of operating in an effective and efficient way.

To know how we can help to increase the efficiency of the education systems in your community, send an e-mail to our E-Learning Department.

E-LearningBy E-Learning is meant a methodology of learning based on the Internet and the conveying of information at a distance.

What does the “E” in the definition mean? Some state it represents “electronic” as the information is transmitted this way, others instead associate it to “everywhere” for its access potential, yet others think of it as “experience” thus remembering that E-Learning is grounded on the active partecipation of adult people in activities that involve them and that are by them considered relevant to the scope of their training, such as problem solving, critical thinking and solution retrieving.

We like to interpret the E as Emerius; then Emerius-Learning, that is education in social sciences, both those specialistic of a sector’s professionals, and those of base that have to be part of each person’s cultural background. We specifically emphasise on the education of adults, propaedeutic to the accreditation of the quality management systems of any organisation by the UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) or other similar body.

The education of people related to their skills in organising themselves in groups, in forming on their turn new people able to manage a group, in keeping effective and efficient internal and external relations, it is indeed an extremely important factor in the growth of any organisation.

Cultural MangementThe principles of andragogy are correctly based on the fact that teaching the adults is very different from teaching the children; such principles form, then, a method to detect and evaluate the learner’s skills and objectives, fine-tuning on them the process of teaching.

Heutagogy, in the last years, has extended the aforementioned vision with the concept of self-determined learning considered as a basic expertise for the man of the XXI century who has to rapidly and consciously adapt to the environment in which he or her lives and then to be able to manage and modulate one’s knowledge.

At Emerius, by starting from these sciences and being based on the concept of the sharing of knowledge rather than that of the hoarding of it, we consider that the individuals’ ability to efficiently adapt their knowledge depends on new learning methodologies based on the skills of self-management in small groups linked in a network.

We have conceived an aided system of learning and spreading of the relevant information which derives from a complex mesh network where the network itself is able to continuously monitor its effectiveness, efficiency and feedback. Such a structure has been defined by us Cultural Management.

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