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About Policy PlanningThe more observed laws are not those that contemplate major sanctions, but rather those shared. In order to be shared a law is to be known in its content and yet especially in its motives. To reach this objective a good communication is not enough: a widespread, continuative, and participative involvement by the community is needed.

This means that it is necessary a deep change of the population as to the way to approach the public sector, based on an innovative and integrated Policy Planning system. Furthermore, it takes an apposite tool that enables to balance the necessity of a real participation with that of keeping into account the diverse conditions of the various individuals such as culture, age, commitment, availability, and attitude, as well as the different social relations; to conceive it, it is imperative a multidisciplinary approach which engages all of the social sciences with the aid of the suitable tools available in mathematics, technology, and computer science.

At Emerius we have therefore realised a self-education software, based on the new concentric-organization model in small groups developed by us, named Yoosphera: intuitive, of simple use, on one hand it facilitates and relaunch the kind of social aggregation of which nowadays we lack and, on the other hand, it provides the means to learn, appreciate and share the management of the res publica.

To know how we can help you to innovate the organization of your community through Policy Planning expressively developed for your requirements, send an e-mail to our Planning Consultancy department.

Social MarketingAmong the tools used in the Policy Planning activity, one which holds a specific role is Social Marketing.

It consists of using the marketing strategies and techniques, developed in the business environment, so that a population voluntarily accepts, modify or change a given behaviour in order to gain an advantage both for any individual and for the society as a whole.

Social Marketing holds the same multidisciplinary approach by which Emerius is inspired: it is in fact founded on in-depth researches on anthropology, sociology, economics, and communication, with the aim to better understand the human behaviour as a result of a set of environmental, individual and social variables. Hence, Social Marketing tends to guide a given population towards conscious and responsible choices through new behaviours that favour the physical, psychological and social well-being therefore, in practice, that help to increase the quality of life.

By blending the principles of Social Marketing with those of Yoosphera, Emerius plans to overcome the obstacles due to the lack of human and financial resources that have so far prevented a widespread and effective application of the above-mentioned concepts.

Feedback onEach organisation aiming at improving its efficiency needs a continuous monitoring of the environment in which it operates in order to evaluate and adapt its action.

A permanent Feedback system that proves also inexpensive and of simple use is what any public office may wish. The data reworking using specific IT tools allows to develop accurate and continuous statistic report by which the organization can keep the constant control over its doings as well as know in real time the rating of the public action by the subjects to whom the action is addressed.

The concentric rings organisational model conceived by Emerius has moreover a double aspect as on one hand continuous Feedback is gained, on the other hand information and social awareness campaigns may be conveyed. The result is a sort of virtuous pulse between the thorough and widespread information by the population and the targeted and transparent measures by a public office, beneficial to the entire social body.

A specific application of the Feedback model is that specifically studied for the secondary school in order to improve both the school-family and the teacher-student links.

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