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YOONOMICS. A new economic science.

Overview. The objective of this study is to demonstrate that by founding a new economic science on the bases of a multidisciplinary approach it is possible to solve the limits that economic science has so far shown both in its descriptive capacity of the observed phenomena and in its capacity to formulate and implement efficient and effective solutions to specific issues, issues that never are purely economic rather they rise or are influenced by the interaction among the other social aggregates, as the economic system is only a component of any given society. It is therefore necessary to begin with the fundamental concept of economics as a social science; economics, then, for the complexity of the subject of its analysis, just the society, needs all of the analytic tools of mathematics as well as the tools and the results of natural sciences and of the other social sciences. There is no reason why economic science should consider itself almost infallible whilst Duncan Watts, an Australian scientist and researcher, by talking of the science of networks states that it comprises extremely simple representations of extremely complicated phenomena: is this not also the case of the current economic science?
In our opinion we need a new economic science which includes different fields of study: we have named it Yoonomics.

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