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About projectsEmerius exists to solve common issues. To reach this objective it is necessary, first of all, to correctly focus on them and to proceed with the planning of the solution process; the projects are then applied and monitored so that to be fine-tuned according to the feedback received. Our projects face social problems on the basis of targeted and forefront research, with attention to the specific needs of the population interested in the application of our projects, making use of advanced technologies and cooperative groups; such groups are formed with and managed by the same beneficiaries of the projects according to the concentric rings methodology devised and developed by our departments. Other projects are, instead, of pure scientific research and aim to elaborate new concepts and innovative approaches in social sciences, yet others aim to produce the IT tools needed to support all the other initiatives. As everybody knows problems intertwine, feeding on and sustaining each other; thanks to our research, at Emerius we are certain that this can happen also with solutions, that is why we develop synergic and coordinated parallel projects. In particular we address, at the same time, the various individuals and social groups of a community with a special attention to the administrative and school institutions, as well as to the different types of associations. In this context, our Social Marketing projects are the best tools to realise campaigns aimed to both the whole of a community and to selected targets within it, with a thorough collection of information both in the preliminary phase so that, with the support of our Yoosphera project and its innovative methodologies, to heavily cut on costs compared to the campaigns organised according to the traditional methods. To know how we can help you with our projects in your community, send an e-mail to our Research and Development department. Ofelonomics Yoonomics is the name of a new economic science which, being based on a multidisciplinary approach, aims to show that it is possible to overcome the limits that economics has so far revealed both, in part, in its capacity of describing the observed phenomena and, mainly, in its capacity of formulating and implementing effective and efficient solutions to evident social problems which never are purely economic in their origin, rather rise or are influenced by the interaction with the other social systems of which the economic one is only a component of it. It is then necessary to start from the fundamental concept of economics as a social science; economics then, due to the complexity of the subject of its analysis, the society, needs all of the analytic tools of mathematics, as well as tools and results of natural sciences and social sciences. If economics does not integrate other disciplines, keeping itself steady to dogmas and study, research, and analysis systems whose bases were laid three centuries ago, that in practice have proved to be incapable to solve problems on a global scale (instead one may say they have increased them), it will never be able to provide real and practical solutions. Yoonomics strives for refounding the bases of economics to contribute to the real well-being of the people as individuals, groups and communities. Social Aggregation ModellingEmerius considers the social fragmentation one of the major issues of the XXI century and, as a Research Institute on Social Sciences, feels the duty to engage, with its typical multidisciplinary approach, in creating a new countertrend model. The ambition of our research is to devise and develop a social aggregation model apt to spread among people in a way to become familiar to them. Thanks to the latest discoveries in neurology, social psychology and sociometrics, the Social Network Analysis can more and more assert itself as a useful tool to understand the dynamics in social relations and interactions and the way these are able to influence our life. Such science, suitably supported by the mathematic and statistic tools, is one of the bases on which the activities of our departments are founded; the departments, certain of the importance of the local cultural variables, develop targeted solutions for well identified communities, each bearer of its own cultural heritage.

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