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The Yoosphera Project

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The Yoosphera project intends to realise a new model of social interaction which starts from the multidisciplinary study of human nature, through an in-depth consideration of his potentialities and limits. Such a project, at the same time, considers the complexity of the social organisations of our times, reminds the social process which originated them, indentify the positive synergies to be keept and brought out as well as the negative distorsions to be corrected or removed.

The Yoosphera system is based on a concentric rings architecture of individuals who, though among peers, are conscious of the necessity of carrying out different and specialised roles, therefore they act in such a way so that each of them may freely choose his or her own role in harmony with the mutable exigencies of one’s community.

The Yooshera organises and facilitates the intra- and intergroup dynamics, with the purpose of reinforcing the sens of community in territorial groups along four main components:

1) the rational and affective perception of the affinities with other individuals both within a person’s main group and other groups;

2) the consciousness and acceptance of the dependence to the intra- and intergroup bonds;

3) the voluntary commitment to keep the dependence as far as it is valuable and useful for both the person, his main group and the perceived macrogroup (the Yoosphera);

4) the will of not being detrimental to other individuals, groups or macrogroups.

Yoosphera is a collective network hence as such tends to improve the quality of the relations between each individual and his or her environment through the organisation of small cooperative groups which take care of the material and psychological aspects of the relations among both the members of any given group and among the closest and most linked groups.

With the aim of supporting the development of the Yoosphera project, our Solution Architecture Department has realised a specific piece of software to be offered to the communities interested in improving their, effectiveness, efficiency, and harmony.

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