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WEB 3.0 E 4.0

About SW engineeringOur idea of Software Engineering applied to Social Sciences is based on the concept of  Yoosphera, a virtual environment yet made up of real knowledge, information and relations; a sphere populated by the people who actively interact through new methodologies with the common intent of utilising, in an appropriate and conscious way, all of the natural resources, hence also the human ones.

The Yoosphera system is based on a concentric rings architecture of individuals who, though among peers, are aware of the necessity of carrying out different and specialised roles, and therefore making any effort in such a way everyone may freely choose his or her own role in harmony with the mutable demands of the community to which one belongs.

Yoosphera is also the software’s name, software specifically devised and realised by Emerius to facilitate and manage the relations among all of those who decide to adopt this new methodology.

Such software is the result of years of study in various subjects, from natural to social sciences, from mathematical to information sciences, by our departments. Yoosphera constitutes, then, the main tool to implement our projects both of Policy Planning and E-Learning, represents the best vehicle for Social Marketing campaigns, permits a constant Feedback system by which to evaluate in real time an organisation’s effectiveness and efficiency so that to promptly apply the necessary adjustments.

As the software tool, though realised with an intuitive interface, implies the adequate hardware support and a fast Internet connection, as well as the skills to use them, the overall Yoosphera system provides for appropriate devices so that no community member is marginalised; in fact, Yoosphera improves everyone’s integration level.

To know how we can help you to increase the efficiency of the relations in your community, please send an email to our Solution Architecture department.

Software as a ServiceSoftware as a Service (SaaS) is the flexible and dynamic way by which Emerius has chosen to provide its software products, starting with Yoosphera.

The user, being it a Public Administrative Body, a School, or any Associative body, will have to simply create its own account without worrying about obtaining the software, installing it, managing it, and maintaining it on its computer or server, with noteworthy savings on costs and time.

Furthermore, the Yoosphera software is fully customisable on request by any community or organisation according to its own needs. All of this is now possible thanks to the World Wide Web and to the data transmission speed over the Internet, which favour outsourcing.

By considering the way the service is provided we have paid close attention to the data protection, so that to preserve the data privacy, availability, and integrity according to the EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC adopted in Italy by the D.Lgs. 196/2003. Web engineering

Web 3.0 e 4.0While the Web 2.0, based on the social interaction, is on its way to be a widespread reality, the next frontier is the Web 3.0, which empowers the technology of 2.0 by connecting the Web contents.

Through the use of smart agents and semantic search engines the power of applications is increased so that to develop a real artificial intelligence of which the Semantic Web is its first step as, by starting with a query expressed not by key words but instead with a natural language, more precise and satisfying answers are provided; in this way, the Web 3.0 is about to transform industry and politics with peer-to-peer structures.

With the Yoosphera we move a step forward towards the integration of the human intelligence with the artificial intelligence, which supports and enhances the former; the Yoosphera helps and facilitates the information flux and the organisation of individuals and group of individuals, moreover it manages the quality of information also with regards to the experiences of the people close to us, thus increasing the reliability rating of the information we receive and transmit specifically within the community in which we live.

At Emerius we are sure that from such a synergy the Web 4.0 may spring and develop, a critical mass of participation to on-line networks that sparks off positive changes towards other networks, not on-line only, to which the individuals who are part of this critical mass are linked.

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